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Had the honor of paying visit to my good friends William the Wild Shaker in Mazatlan as well as Oscar Dither of Jeroky Dance Studio in Mexico City. I had this new song that I wanted to do, but only had choreographed about 80% of it. For one part, I couldn't decide what to do, so William came up with a little move that worked great (you can see the snippit of him coming up with it in the video) Then I filmed it at Oscar's studio with him, Fernanda, Hector Nieto, and Joshua Bernal in Mexico City.

Had a great time, love the song, and hope you can use part or all of it in one of your classes!

Title : Bailalo A Lo Loco - Jowell y Randy 3Ball MTY - Tribal Dance Fitness W/ Bradley
Owner : CrazySockTV
Duration : 3:32
Viewed : 70,242
Liked : 254
Published : Jan 2, 2014
Quality :
Souce : YouTube

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