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Here's an amazingly versatile mindreading effect that will astound your audience.

You show your spectator some cards with different numbers printed on both sides.

None of the numbers are repeated and nothing is hidden or changed; the same cards are used from start to finish.

You ask them to shuffle and place down the cards in a random face up/down combination.

At this point you demonstrate that, had they turned over the cards in a different combination, it would have generated a completely different number.

They are free to change their minds as many times as they like until they settle on a combination that they are happy with.

The numbers on each card are totaled up - you then pick up your wallet that has been on the table the whole time and remove an envelope. Inside that envelope is a card with a number on it that matches the generated number.

Within minutes of opening Out of the Blue, you will be able to perform amazing self-working predictions.

The custom printed cards provided do all the work for you with a method that is so diabolically clever and easy that you will smile every time you perform this amazing effect!

With Out of the Blue, you can:

Predict the number generated on the cards with 100% accuracy every time.
Predict the number and a word on a page number in a book.
Generate a random number and count down that many cards in the deck to find the card at that number. You then reveal you have a matching card in your wallet.
Show a numbered list of random items, have a number generated, and predict or magically produce that item.
These are just some of the things possible with Out of the Blue. Once you get your hands on these cards, your mind will be buzzing to find different ways of using them!

Here are just 7 reasons why you're going to love Out of the Blue:

Requires no memory work; the cards do it all for you
There is no calculation needed; the cards do it all for you
No palming
It is SO easy to do
It can be used for parlour or stage with larger reveals
You are provided with the custom-printed number cards and other items, so you can start performing straight away.

For some of the effects shown on the video, playing cards (standard or blank), a book and items to create larger reveals are required (these are not included, but easily obtained).

Title : Out of the Blue by Mick McCreath
Owner : worldmagicshop
Duration : 1:49
Viewed : 702
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Published : Feb 5, 2018
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Souce : YouTube

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